Should I hire a decorator for my wedding?

So it happened. He whisked you away somewhere secluded and romantic. The moment was right, the sun began to set a deep pink, your hair looked GREAT and he got down on one knee and popped the question. It’s a moment few people forget and assuming you said “YES!!!!” you are now planning a wedding.

The first port of call for many is Pinterest, to start a wedding themed mood board of all the pretty images that jump out in the hope that they can somehow be recreated. The images that tend to pop up the most are the ones focusing on decor.

It can be one of the forgotten elements when people first start planning the wedding, with venue, dress, music, food/drink and how many people you are going to invite being subjects that tend to take centre stage, especially when the budget must be considered. But without wedding decor the scene cannot be set and you would be hard pushed to successfully recreate any of the lovely images you had fallen in love with on the internet.

There are a few pieces that can be homemade (thank you craft stores) but it’s a huge undertaking and although you can spend a huge amount of time leading up to the wedding making them, installing the decor on the morning of your wedding will be the last thing you need or want to do.

This is why hiring a professional wedding decor company to support you and make your wedding day as special as possible is such a good idea and something that should by no means be left out of the budget. When it comes to looking back over the photos and seeing how stunning they look you wouldn’t regret it. Looking back and feeling like something was missing would however be very disappointing. With Lemonface Deco you can rest easy knowing that everything is under control. After all, they say your wedding day is one of the most stressful days of your life so why make it any worse.

You can sit down with us, talk in depth about the style or theme of the wedding and choose some stunning decor that best represents the feel of the day. We are happy to tailor our service to your needs and will provide as much or as little as you want and can customise a huge amount - knowing that you will be looking back through the pictures and noting the little details that mean so much.

If you have seen something somewhere that you like but haven’t seen it in our brochure, we will be happy to discuss making you something from scratch. If you view the wedding sort of like a performance (think Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’…) then the decor is represented like props on a stage and this is one performance that you want your audience to remember.

So plan the whole thing with military precision and make sure you have set aside enough of your precious budget for decor. Trust us to take care of the details ensuring that your day plays out like a dream, leaving you free to catch your beauty sleep!