6 Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding In Marbella

1. The weather, obviously!

Marbella shares it’s climate with California so you have average winter temperatures of 12 - 15 degrees celsius and sunshine without the expensive air fairs. Being more predictable you and your wedding guests can plan not only your outfits but whether you will be dining al fresco (and also the corresponding table decor). Being a popular destination for people planning their wedding, Marbella is well equipped with many venues to choose from, each providing the perfect backdrop upon which to add your chosen decor.

2. Low season prices make the whole day a lot more affordable…

Not only your guests will enjoy a winter break much cheaper than the summer high season prices but you will find that out of season prices for things like venues and accommodation mean that you have much more left on your budget for things like wedding decor. This will come as a blessing because you will have more scope for the design and ‘props’ that are now customary at almost every wedding. Most people accept that their wedding is not going to be cheap but traveling to Marbella to get married might be less than what you think. And also if you are saving huge amounts by choosing a winter wedding you can push the boat out decor-wise for a super special day.

3. You can have a romantic winter theme.

Choosing a theme is one of the best parts of planning your wedding, in fact there are almost too many to choose from. Even though the weather is much milder in Marbella your decor can have a distinctly wintery feel should you wish. Think pine cones dusted in ‘snow’ as place markers, pine wreaths on the backs of every chair and stunning winter flowers such as poinsettia adorning each table. A basket of blankets with our “To have and to hold in case you get cold” sign above and candles

Photo by Alberto Casacruz

Photo by Alberto Casacruz

4. Stand out from the crowd.

Almost everyone chooses the Spring/Summer months to get married and social calendars get pretty choc-a-bloc around that time. Choosing to have a Winter wedding means that people will be much freer to dedicate their time to your day. Being close to Christmas you can also capitalise on the fact that there are naturally more fairy lights about at that time of year creating a really romantic atmosphere. Because the summer tourists won’t be around the roads will be less busy and you will find unexpected delays much less likely.

5. Winter colours!

One thing the bride tends to consider very carefully are the colours that she (and bridesmaids if you’re having them) will wear. White or ivory for the bride, then a colour for the bridesmaids which is matched in the brides bouquet and in the boutonnière worn by the groomsmen. Popular colours recently have been jade green and a peachy pink but for a winter wedding you can go a little off piste! You can pick the pine green of winter foliage (available all year round in Marbella), the deep red of a Merlot, mixed metallics such a gold, copper and silver or if you want to stick to a soft, romantic colour and like pinks you could opt for a dusky rose. Once your colours have been chosen we will be able to provide you with co-ordinating decor. 

6. Take advantage of seasonal decor.

Being close to Christmas you can also capitalise on the fact that there are naturally more fairy lights about at that time of year creating a really romantic atmosphere. You can also take advantage of the various festivities that start taking place as early as November - the switching on of the Malaga and Marbella Christmas lights for example. Whichever colour decor you choose to have at your wedding (silver and gold, dark red, midnight blue) they will all shine a little brighter when Marbella is sparkling with its very own seasonal decor.

Many people each year choose to have their wedding in Marbella but most opt for the warmer seasons. Break the mold (and not the bank!) and choose winter time to celebrate your nuptials. We can cater to any decor needs and know Marbella very well. Allow us to help you make your day as special as possible.