IN: Having fun!

When it comes down to it the most important thing about your wedding day is to enjoy it. You might have all the guests, all the decor, the loveliest venue etc but if you aren’t able to relax, look around at everything going on around you and take it all in the day will go very quickly. Many people say after their wedding that they couldn’t believe how quickly the day vanished after planning it for so many months. You’re also in Marbella, and it would be a shame not to take it all in and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

Photo Barbara Serrano

Photo Barbara Serrano

OUT: Being a Bridezilla...

If you just accept that there are things that won’t go to plan (there is always something) then you will be prepared when this happens. Unless you have control over acts of God, then there will be at least one thing that isn’t 100% perfect or how you expected. Throwing tantrums aren’t a good look and will only exacerbate the situation. Be a vision of class and breeze through the day like the goddess you are.

IN: Venues that provide their own scenery

Ok so this one is accidental - if you are getting married in Marbella then by default the venues will have a stunning backdrop that will make all your photos look stunning. Palm trees? Yep. Beach scenes? Of course. Blue skies? Well...for most of the year yes!! Another great reason to choose Marbella as the place to have your big day.

OUT: Feeling obliged to invite people

It’s really important that you invite people to your wedding that you really want to be there. There will of course be the distant aunts and uncles that you are expected to invite, and that’s fine because after all they are family and it’s a little like a reunion. But with your group of friends the wedding budget can suddenly spiral when you find you are inviting people because you feel you have to. The rule of thumb is; if you have been to their house and they have been to yours then they are a friend worthy of an invite!

IN: Backdrops

Marbella may be providing the scenery but for close up photos being taken and to add a little personality it’s crucial to think about decor and specifically the backdrop. You can keep the Marbella theme if you like and centre your decor around palm trees and exotic plants or you can pick any theme that suits your taste. One of the simplest and cutest backdrops is the giant polaroid. Not only does it create beautiful pictures but it encourages your guests to take some time out of socialising to pose and after your wedding is over you will have an arsenal of lovely pictures to cherish.

OUT: Tacky decor

Like many things wedding decor in Marbella has moved on in recent years. Out are the tacky, predictable hearts and say NO to bows on chairs!! Red carpets are also a no-no. LA film premiers yes. Marbella weddings no. Choose decor that is modern, eye catching and which reflects your personality. Think of it as your own set design for the story of your lives. Move away from the decorations that you’ve seen in many other weddings.

IN: Neon signs

These are becoming more and more popular in Marbella when it comes to wedding decor. They look great in photos, create a party vibe in the evening and add another touch of your personality to the day. Choose a custom sign or go for a stock sign that can be rent out at a more affordable price like our “All you need is love”.

Photo Barbara Serrano

Photo Barbara Serrano

OUT: Super low budget decor

Sure, your wedding will only last 8-10 hours but the photos are FOREVER. Make sure the flowers and decor look good enough for a double page spread in a magazine because photos are very unforgiving and if they are low budget, you will be looking at photos of them forever and wishing you had considered this more.

If you are thinking of having your wedding in Marbella and need decor then contact Lemonface Deco immediately. We can suit any budget and tailor the decor to your style. Equally if you are getting married around the Costa del Sol, outside of Marbella give us a call to see how we can help you too.