Acrylic wedding signs and decorations

New trends on the wedding decor scene you won’t want to avoid.

When it comes to weddings there is a lot of information regarding every single element but there is a particularly huge emphasis on the decor. Just type ‘wedding’ or ‘wedding decor’ into Pinterest and you could get lost in the images for hours. But what you will definitely notice is that there is a running theme in a majority of these images - the vintage Mediterranean wedding theme with a hint of luxury.

If you are having your wedding in Marbella then this is of course appropriate for you but what if you aren’t keen on the luxury vintage style or what if you’re sick of looking at the same ideas at other people’s weddings? Believe it or not you can create a luxury Mediterranean style decor without it being too twee by adding modern elements.

Photo Barbara Serrano

Photo Barbara Serrano

One particular concept to create this look is actually quite simple - transparent or perspex decor. From table plans and table places to large signs telling guests where to go or the famous ‘Mr and Mrs’ signs that are fun to involve, there are many ways in which you can incorporate this concept.

Marbella is well known for being super stylish and on-trend and mixing traditional and modern- luxury decor actually works very well. You can choose to remain faithful to the vintage look and stick to a traditional, decorative font or you can jazz things up by going for an eye catching modern font. You can also pick a font colour that matches the rest of the wedding decor such as the flowers or maybe even the bridesmaids dresses.

The best thing about this concept is that it stretches to a lot of the decor items that you will need for the day. Have you thought about where people will leave their wedding cards? We can rent out a perspex box so that all the pretty envelopes are not only on display but they are kept safe until you have time to read them all. It also comes with a little lock just in case, so any money inside will be kept safe too. We offer three different sizes of welcome board/message board and can customise messages for you such as “Tonight’s drinks are free, tomorrow’s memories are priceless”. This is totally customisable so your decor matches your vibe, ensuring that your wedding is an extension of your personalities.

For the tables we can provide all of the numbers (or table names if you have a theme) and these are rented which means you won’t be left with decor that you are never going to need again. They can be square or round and come with a little stand so that they are always on show and easy for your guests to find.

Last but not least the luxury wedding decor pièce de résistance - a champagne tower. It may not be perspex but is very much in keeping with the transparent wedding decor theme. These are endlessly glamorous and if you are having your wedding in Marbella they are a must! This isn’t just decor but a spectacle and your guests will be enthralled.

Whether your main emphasis on your big day is romance, luxury, boho-chic, vintage Mediterranean glam or anything else you have in mind, we can create stunning customised pieces that you will adore. They will look great on the day and stunning in photos when looking back over what will be a day to remember forever.