Wedding planning can be hard as so many decission have to be made. It can be difficult to choose between so many beautiful options. You need to think about your dress, location, flowers, decoration, food and more. You make wedding planning easier for yourself if you pick a wedding theme. We should say that a colourful wedding theme is definitely recommended.

Why a colourful wedding theme

Using colours on your floral arrangements and stationary is an eye catcher! the details will stand out. Colours will unconsciously make you think, because we associate them with thoughts and feelings. We associate the colours with our culture, experiences or by the universal meaning of the colour. Bright colours will make a lot of people happy and that is
why we like to do a colourful wedding theme.

Which colours do we like to use at a wedding?

We like to mix the colours orange with purple, yellow and pink shades together. This will be a great wedding theme. The colour orange stands for warmth, joy and inspiring. The colour purple stands for calming and stimulating and it is a cold colour which brings balance between the colours. Then you have the colour yellow, what is the colour of the sun. This
colour will bring warmth too and give positivity and energy and it fits almost in every wedding theme. And finally, you have the colour pink what is a descendant of the colour red which bring you power, romanticism and love. You can use Viva Magenta too because this is also a shade of red and this is the colour of 2023. All these colours will bring a nice colourful wedding theme with happy vibes athat your guest will love!

Photo Pedro Bellido

Should everything be as the colour palette at the wedding?

No! You can give your own style into the wedding theme. The people can wear shades of blue or white too. Blue or white is a good colour to combinate your clothes with the wedding theme. Blue is the colour of the air and the sea. Also, it brings rest and protective. White stand for purity and you can combine white with everything. But maybe you have your own
suggestion? It will be fine too.

How can we bring the colour into the wedding?

We can use a lot of different coloured flower varities. But we can use different candles and smoke bombs too. You can also choose between our neon signs, or we can make a neon sign personalised for you. Together we can brainstorm about different ideas to bring your wedding theme to life!

Special thanks to Agata Jensen for the great pictures! Agata Jensen Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Photography – Agata Jenson @agatajensenweddings.
Videography – Oli from Balance @balancephotoinsta
Flowers & Styling – Camy
Celebrant – Tara Lorimer @tara_lorimer
Singer – Georgie O’Neill @georgieoneillsongbird
Hair – Alex Harrocks @alexbridal
Makeup – Nicola Cuddy @nicolacuddymakeup