It is always nice for the guests to have some activities on your magical wedding day, because there is enough time for this. For example, if you as a bridal couple are busy with a photo shoot, your guest can entertain themselves playing with garden games. It’s also a nice way to get to know each other better rather than sitting formally at the dinner table and having to talk to each other. This way is also much more fun.

The bride and groom can also play the games, which is fun for everyone! If you want to make the wedding more interactive and involve all the guests in your day, organize some fun games! Games that are only for young children, right? No, you’re wrong, we have super nice garden games for kids and adults too. In this blog we tell you why it is so nice to have garden games at your wedding and which games you can rent from us. You can play the different games in teams or
individually, the choice is yours. You are never too old for a game, so let the garden games begin!

These are the garden games you can rent from us.

Ring toss games

Everyone knows it, throwing a ring around a bottle! It is a game for kids and adults, everyone can play! and it is always fun. It is not difficult and everyone gets fanatic while playing this game. Perfect for some more activity at your wedding day. It’s a great way to introduce guests who might not know each other. Very entertaining as well as pretty. You can choose from silver, gold and rose gold bottles. Without realizing it you become mega fanatic, even the adults among themselves.

Garden games at your wedding

Connect four

This is also a game that everyone knows. To win, make sure that you are the first to have four of the same colour circles in a row. From left to right, top to bottom or even diagonally. This game is also fun for the younger but also older guests.

Mini golf

Our newest addition to the garden games list is the mini golf. Golf is a very big sport in Marbella, so this is super fun to play at your wedding. Try to get the ball in the hole in one go, that’s quite difficult sometimes. By putting this game on your wedding, your wedding is completely Marbella proof!

Garden games at your wedding

Noughts and crosses

Also known as X’s & 0’s, this game always works well, it doesn’t take too long and you get through it without realizing it. Everyone knows this game and everyone likes it. It has also been proven that the older generation is really good at this, how funny is that? Because of our mega large version of this game it is also very nice at the location of your

Giant Jenga

Jenga! A well-known game for everyone, but in a gigantic version. Almost everyone likes this game and is secretly very fanatical about it. Are you the one who takes the piece that causes the tower to collapse? We are sure that this game will provide entertainment!

Would you like to have garden games at your wedding? Contact us for a quote now or for more information.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love the Lemonface Deco team