If you have been following me on Social Media, you will know I love pampas grass so much that I, quite often, use it for the events I decorate. Some of my clients are amazed by the look it gives to their events and as we are always searching for that wow factor…

5 reasons why you should love pampas too:

  1. It’s practical! The same happens with hydrangeas. The price of hydrangeas is not cheap but you can cover a big area with them which means that when you normally would need around 5 roses, you only use 1 hydrangea. Pampas grass is so cost effective. When you find that fluffy pampas, you don’t need much of it to cover a big area. That’s why we say is cost effective. yyou can recycle pampas grass and reuse it for many occasions.
  2. Pampas grass will give a boho chic touch to any decorations. You can add the grass on any kind of style to add a bohemian touch. I love to mix romantic and elegant theme with bohemian. That is my specialty! If you are planning an event in the Costa del Sol and you would like me to style it, get in touch with me!
  3. When pampas grass is dry will last super long. That means you can reuse it for many occasions. That’s the reason why you can take advantage of it and use it as much as you can. We don’t like to waste anything!
  4. You can even dye pampas grass to match the colour scheme of your event. This is not an easy thing to do as you will need a big amount of dye. Specially if you have big fluffy pampas. But the effect is spectacular!
  5. We use pampas grass on our events (weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, etc) in big arrangements like ceremony backdrops and hanging structures and also in smaller floral arrangements like centrepieces and bouquets. For house decor we use it for wreaths and on vases and the result is very pretty.

If you have any other reasons why you love pampas grass, please leave a comment below.

Photo Alberto Casacruz