When planning a wedding in Marbella there are so many details involved that it can be overwhelming. The wedding dress, the venue, the flowers, the menu and the cake… Where do I start?
It is a good idea to start on Pinterest because there are so many ideas and inspiration for your wedding decor and different styles of cakes that we recommend to start a Pinterest board choosing all the styles and colours that you like. This is great information for your wedding suppliers because in that way they can provide the things you want. One of the main focal points is your wedding cake and you probably have seen many wedding photos with the bride and groom cutting the cake. This symbolises the first activity done as a couple but surently not the last.

Here are 6 tips when choosing your wedding cake

1. Fondant or buttercream?

If you are getting married in sunny Marbella, you should consider the heat when you are choosing. If you choose to have a cake with buttercream, make sure the cake is served when the sun goes down because the buttercream can melt! The expert say a fondant cake is much safer as you don’t have the risk of melting. Or at least it doesn’t melt so fast.

2. Your wedding cake should be stored properly

So make sure you ask your cake supplier or catering to set up the cake for you in the right moment. Perhaps you would like to cut the cake before the first dance? Or perhaps right after desert?

3. You could also offer the wedding cake instead of dessert

Some couples don´t eat cake, and that´s the reason why they opt for an alternative to the cake, which could be an artisanal ice cream cart or a donut wall.

4. If you are having a small wedding but you still want many layers on your cake

You can ask your cake maker to do a fake layer and decorate it just like the others. Nobody will notice the difference!

5. Your wedding cake design should reflect your personalities and also match with your wedding decor

Make sure you take in consideration the colour scheme that you chose for your wedding day and be creative!

6. Cutting the wedding cake always have been one of the popular parts of a wedding

This is a very special moment that your guests (and you) will always remember. Make it special by choosing the right table for your cake (see our wedding decorations rentals catalogue), candles to decorate the area and flowers around. You will never have too many flowers.

Many couples admitted that planning a wedding could be very stressful and specially considering the decisions and details that they have to make when planning their big day.

Make sure that you enjoy every second of the planning because choosing and styling your wedding is important. And if you need help with your wedding decor in Marbella or surroundings contact us and we will help you with all the process.