Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Spain, Finca Monasterio is not just a venue; it’s a sanctuary of beauty and charm. We are delighted to share our experience of working in this enchanting venue, where every detail is crafted with love and care.

Wedding in Finca Monasterio: A Dreamy Day in Spain

At Finca Monasterio, the warmth and hospitality of the staff create an inviting atmosphere that makes every wedding feel like a dream come true. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with smiles and a genuine eagerness to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Beth & Ben’s wedding, held on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, was a testament to the magic of Finca Monasterio. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, with clear blue skies, gentle breezes, and abundant sunshine casting a golden glow over the celebration.

The couple’s choice of color palette, a delicate blend of white and blush tones, infused the venue with an air of romance and elegance. Adding a touch of whimsy, disco balls adorned certain areas, adding a playful charm to the festivities.

Wedding in Finca Monasterio: A Dreamy Day in Spain

One of the highlights of the wedding was Beth’s stunning bridal bouquet, a breathtaking combination of roses, hydrangeas, and orchids. While hydrangeas are not typically recommended for summer bouquets in Spain, the mild April weather allowed us to ensure the bouquet remained fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

As guests arrived at the ceremony area, they were greeted with a charming welcome corner adorned with real petal confetti, a beautifully decorated welcome sign, and a card box overflowing with blooms. It was a delightful introduction to the enchanting celebration that awaited them.

For the dinner reception, long wooden tables were adorned with lush garlands of greenery and flowers, interspersed with shimmering cylinder glass candle holders. The effect was nothing short of magical, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meal and celebrate the newlyweds.

The seating plan, designed specifically for Beth and Ben, was a thoughtful touch that added a personal element to the celebration. Disco balls nestled at the base of the plan added a touch of sparkle and whimsy, reflecting the couple’s playful spirit.

Another memorable detail was the long mirror sign that greeted guests as they made their way to the bar. Inscribed with the words “You look incredible darling, now go grab a drink,” along with the couple’s names and wedding date, it was a charming reminder to let loose and enjoy the festivities.

Wedding in Finca Monasterio: A Dreamy Day in Spain

In every aspect, Beth & Ben’s wedding at Finca Monasterio was a celebration of love, joy, and the beauty of togetherness. As we reflect on the magic of that day, we are reminded once again why we love working in this exquisite venue. With its unparalleled beauty, attentive staff, and endless possibilities for creativity, Finca Monasterio truly is a dream destination for weddings in Spain.

Special thanks to Ella Megan for creating stunning bridal makeup and hair for Beth, and to Radka Horvath for capturing the magic of the day behind the lens. We love working with this talented team, whose expertise and professionalism truly enhance every wedding experience.