I’m going to tell you three ways on how to keep your guests warm at your event. If you are planning to get married in Spain or planning to host a party in Spain, especially during winter or spring it can be quite chilly at night. And of course, you don’t want your guests to get cold. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your guests warm at your party.

First of all, heaters

You have special heaters for outdoor use. The advantage of heaters is that they help very well, which means that even in a dress or a shirt you can still be quite warm outside. Heaters are also very nice and can give a nice, cozy ambiance. It also fills up the location, so the location doesn’t stay as empty.

As second option, we recommend blankets

Blankets are very comfortable and give a cozy feeling. You may think that a basket with blankets is a bit boring, but you can decorate it super nice. We at Lemonface Deco have several nice decorations for this idea. You have signs and tables with texts on them such as: “Keeping your guests warm at your party”. If you keep the blankets in the same theme as the party, it is fun and appropriate. It is nice to give the blankets to the guests. You can also make a blanket station and all this in the theme of your wedding or party. Even if the blankets will not be used, they could be nice as a decoration. And if necessary, you at least have the option to keep your guests warm.

Third option, shots!

As my third option, I would go in a completely different direction to keep your guests warm. Namely, shots! It is the easiest way! You can have some nice, fun shots to go around to keep the guests at your party warm. You can decorate this yourself in a fun way. Utilizing a shot board or games. You can decorate the shots by using colored shot glasses or by adding some
decoration to the glass. There are several reasons why alcohol makes you feel warmer, but I think the best reason is that people get a bit looser and dance more and eventually get warmer!

So there are plenty of ways to keep your guests warm at your party or wedding. Moreover, if you make sure to match your blankets or shots to the colors and decoration scheme, this will only make the whole set up better.