Your wedding day is going to be as special as you want it to be. It has to be magical. You give us a colour palette and a style you like and we create something beautiful for you. We do this with flowers, dried flowers, some greenery and much more. We also have a big collection of decoration to make your wedding day even more special!

To have that magical wedding day we can help you to decorate it that way. A lot of our decoration is made to give that magical touch to your wedding day. Some decoration like a champagne tower, sparklers box, candles, neon signs, love letters, cardbox, dreamcatchers and a confetti station. I will tell you all about these decorations why these can create you a magical wedding day.

Champagne tower

A lot of people will cut a cake together after the ceremony. However this isn’t that magical, it‘s still cute to do it together. A champagne tower will have a bit more the magical spark you are looking for. Pouring in some champagne together from the top of the tower and seeing fall down all the sparkling champagne bubbles is so romantic. This will also look very pretty on pictures and videos too.

Champagne tower for weddings

Sparklers box

The sparklers are literally magical. It is one of our favourite things to do. It will look like little fairytale lights and it is very beautiful. If you want to light them, the perfect moment will be when you will start the first dance. Light the sparklers and dance to those pretty fairytale lights. This will give you an amazing dance on your magical wedding day.

sparklers box for weddings


Candles are one of the best decorations to create a magical wedding day. Imagine when the sun goes down and there are candles everywhere. All over the venue, dance floor or even the dinner or cocktail area. All the flickering lights of the burning candles really give you the magical feeling you are looking for. Dancing in between the candlelights can give you even more the feeling that you are shining and having that magical wedding day you are looking for.

We had some clients who loved to have a lot of candles on their wedding day. In summer it is super hot in Spain. Think of the months May until August. We recommend you to get married later on the day since it will cool down in the evening. You will have some dinner later on the evening and before you know it, the sun will go down. This would be convenient. This way the candles will shine bright like little fairytale lights. During the day, the candles will not give that magical touch.

candles for weddings

Neon Sings

Neon signs are very pretty to have on your wedding day. When it gets dark the neon sign will shine beautiful and look very trendy. We have a variety of neon signs that say: happily ever after, drunk in love and to the moon and back.

Do you and your partner have something you always say or joke about? We can personalise a neon sign for you at your wedding day. After the wedding day you can take it home, how cool would it be to hang it in your living room? This way you have something hanging on the wall that will automatically take you back to this magical wedding day.

In our catalogue you can find the variety of neon signs we have in our collection. Feel free to contact us and ask us about the catalogue. We are happy to send it to you! You can see what neon signs we can offer you and all of our other decorations.

Love light up letters

In our collection we have our famous white love light up letters. This is perfect for a magical wedding day. We can place the love light up letters in the right spot to spread even more love on your wedding day. The love light up letters are some good decoration for some pretty pictures. This will create magical pictures when the sun goes down. The light bulbs will shine very beautiful. Shining love letters is a special touch to have on your magical wedding day.

And guests always love to take pictures with the love letters


Getting a cardbox on your wedding day doesn’t sound that magical, but it really is. Almost everyone at your wedding will write a card to the happy married couple. Imagine reading all the lovely letters the people you love have written to you and your partner. Reading all the cards with your partner after your wedding day will give you a magical feeling to look back on. It will take you back to the magical day of your own wedding.

cardbox for weddings


Dreamcatchers are very beautiful and have a beautiful meaning. Dreamcatchers protect you from nightmares and bad dreams. It’s normal to be scared for your wedding day. You want everything to be perfect. Dreamcatchers can be hang in trees. It doesn’t only protect you from the bad, but it can also be an eye catcher. These special meaningful decoration makes your wedding day magical.

dreamcatchter for weddings

Confetti station

We can create a confetti station for you and your partner. You have a lot of different types of confetti. You can use rice, flower petals, a mix of both for example etc. After the ceremony you will walk down the aisle with you partner happily married. To make it magical, the people can throw the confetti. This will give you a magical feeling, and even more the feeling you’re finally married to your soul-mate.

confetti station for weddings