If you’re looking for a Christmas workshop in Marbella – a place to socialize, meet nice people, and put together some beautiful handmade wreaths – then please come join us for our Christmas wreath workshop. Here, you can build a Christmas decoration that’s perfect for both you and your home. We provide all the supplies you’ll need for putting your wreath together. We will give you the instructions and arrangement tips and we even have the always important Christmas cookies to ensure that no one gets hungry.

Decoration Workshops in Marbella by Lemonface

This is a 3rd time we are hosting this at Lemonface Deco because everyone always has so much fun here. Wreaths are so common and traditional, but rarely do you find one that feels exactly like what you wanted. So, when people come in and make the wreath design that’s in their head, their faces light up with delight and satisfaction. That’s what we really love to see with this workshop. People who are smiling when they get to take home their very own wreaths. And we make sure to have a lot of fun while we’re making the wreaths too. So many different people come into this workshop. There’s a warming atmosphere that makes it easy to talk to one another. This is one of those times that really makes this feel like the Christmas season to us. We make sure that people don’t need any prior experience when they come into this workshop. We also make sure to have a wide variety of supplies available. That way, whether you’re new to this type of project or are an arts and crafts expert, we are able to accommodate any skill level so that everyone can have the most fun possible with this project. That makes this a great activity to do as a family or an individual. If you or someone you know likes doing crafts, and you’ve wondered what to do on a Sunday in Marbella, then feel free to reach out to us and book an appointment. Spots fill up quickly
for our make a wreath workshop, so don’t delay. Book your appointment in advance and we’ll save you a seat. We can’t wait to see you there! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Lemonface Deco Team