As you might have seen on social media like our Instagram and also on our Pinterest. We are often contacted by couples who wish to get married in Spain. Our decoration company is based in Marbella. We do floral design and we have decoration rentals. But we also do balloons like balloon garlands.

As balloons are not often used to decorate weddings, sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to showcase our work. But sometimes we also have some clients who want to celebrate baby showers, weddings, birthdays or other events in Marbella or surroundings.

A balloon garland looks so pretty indoors. You can use it for a baby shower on an arch with similar colours. For example blue for a baby boy or/and pink for a baby girl. A balloon garland outdoors will also look very pretty, it can be attached to a tree, this will give a cool effect, it can also be used for a birthday party or other kind of parties. There is also a possibility to put flowers in between the balloons. These can be silk flowers but also fresh flowers and floral bouquets in between a balloon garland.

Balloon garland workshop

One of our brides named Chantel, she came from the UK to us to talk about her wedding ideas. She has her own company: Balloon occasions.

Apart from making balloon decorations in the UK she also teaches other businesses how to make balloon garlands and organic balloon arches. We were very fortunate to have her on our workshop to teaches us some of her tricks. She gave us a masterclass about how to work with balloons, especially how to make a beautiful balloon garland or other creations with
balloons. All the balloons Chantel makes are bio degradable. In the workshop we learned how to make a balloon garland, but before making the garland she explained us how to tight the balloons together. Our workshop looks really pretty right now with the balloon garland that we made with Chantel.

We can do a lot of different things with the balloons to make it look prettier. We can put a balloon garland on a ceiling and also in a structure and these looks really cute if we put some flowers in between the balloons. The benefit about making a balloon garland is that you can get them in every colour, it also looks very cute with different colour shades and we can match the colour scheme. Different sizes are also used. So we have smaller ones, then the medium size balloons and the extremely large balloons. By mixing these sizes you create a wow effect.