Every year Pantone announces the colour of the year. This colour is going to be one of the popular wedding colours 2024. Pantone is a company who publicate colour coding since The colour of the year is a trend that is through careful and extensive research predicted. They have searched the whole world for inspiration to know the colour of the year. Pantone looks for example at fashion, upcoming sports events in 2024, films, art, travel destinations, lifestyle, new technologies and more. Last year Pantone announced the colour Very Peri (a purple blue shade) for 2023.

The colour for weddings of this year 2024 is Viva Magenta!

The colour Viva Magenta is like a mix between red, pink and blue. It shows the balance between warm and cold colours. Viva Magenta should stimulate our mind, calling the powers of the nature and help to build our inside strength. Viva Magenta is showing joy, encouraging experimentation and self- expression without restraint. It is a brave and fearless colour and you can combine it really well.

You can combine Viva Magenta with different colours and shades to create the perfect colour palette for home or event decor.
You can combinate this colour with white and green. We have tried it before and it was really stunning! Besides, we have tried peach as well with Viva Magenta and we think this would be a trending colour to combine with Viva Magenta.

So, in short there are plenty of options to use Viva Magenta. Maybe you can use Viva Magenta as well as your wedding colour 2024. Why shouldn’t you?

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What about having Viva Magenta as one of your wedding colours 2024?

You can have Viva Magenta as one of your wedding colours! The floral arrangements can have Viva Magenta colour, and this can give your wedding day a romantic powerful meaning. Viva magenta is the ultimate wedding colour for a lot of things. You can use the color for your make-up and your nails too. And if you like you can wear a dress with the colour Viva
Magenta or only a Viva Magenta strap.

What about having a cool feature on your wedding day?

In fact we have a Neon sign in this colour that says ‘’Drunk in Love’’. In stead of the signs that we already have, we can also have them made as your wishes. As a finishing touch we can use smoke bombs too!

Besides that you can use Viva Magenta on your wedding day, this colour can also be used on a baby shower or a birthday party.

A little fact about Viva Magenta

The gorgeous colour Viva Magenta is from a little insect. This color is made from the cochineal beetle. In fact this insect produces carmine dye of its own. This color is really bright and pure. This carmine dye is the strongest colour you can find of the naturel dye that exist. So using Viva Magenta is definitely worth it on your wedding.