If you want to organize a party and you are thinking about what kind of theme you want, a citrus garland decor is a cheerful and fresh theme. It is very tropical and always gives a nice atmosphere to the event.

Lemons and oranges combined with flowers are the perfect decoration for your party

There are many different events where you can apply a citrus garland theme. To start with a birthday party. How nice is it to dress up your birthday with beautiful colors and flowers. We make bouquets and floral arrangements with flowers and citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes. Orange and peach roses along with lemons and oranges are the perfect combination to put in a citrus garland. Together with the greenery it will be a super beautiful festive birthday decoration.

Easter floral arrangement

In addition, lunch or dinner is the perfect time to sit around the table with your friends, when it’s completely decorated with a citrus garland arrangement. Below you can see how we decorated an easter dinner for our clients last week and how it looked very fresh with the greenery with the white flowers makes the table.

For round tables, we can also make centerpieces accordingly. It fills the table and because of the colours it can never be boring. With a citrus garland it is nice to use real lemons and oranges. With round tables we can also make different beautiful centerpieces for each table that still form an overall complete look through the use of the flowers and lemons. We can complete the look with candles to create nice atmosphere. If you like flowers and balloons, we can combine this perfectly. We make all kinds of colours and can combine them with tropical flowers and citrus. The balloons, flowers and citrus decorations are perfect to use for a baby shower, proposal, bridal shower, easter dinner or a wedding. We can also make a citrus garland on an arch in these tropical citrus colours. A beautiful ceremony backdrop would be with roses, lemons, oranges, limes and other flowers that makes backdrop complete.

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