A Baby shower takes place during the last weeks of your pregnancy. It can be organised by your friends or you can also choose to organise it yourself. If your friends organise it, it will be a big surprise for you! When organising this event
you have to think about a lot of things, we’re going to tell you that in this blog post.

What is the theme ?

Is it a girl or a boy? This is important to come up with the theme of the baby shower. It is also possible that the mother-to-be does not know the gender, that she only wants to know when the baby is born. If this is the case, you can choose
to decorate the baby shower with neutral colours, such as beige, creams and whites.

If the baby is a girl then you can of course do pink as the colour scheme as this is completely girly. You can then choose to make everything pink or to use pink as an accent colour and if it’s a boy, it makes sense to do a baby blue color scheme
and even mint green. Then you can also choose to make everything blue or to combine blue or green with neutral colours, such as beige or white.

When are you having the party?

You give a baby shower around the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. During this period, the mother-to-be still has enough energy for a nice party.

Who do you invite?

A traditional baby shower is only with women, but it is becoming more and more normal to have men too Are you going to keep the baby shower small or with a lot of people? That is entirely up to the mother-to-be! Does she like to have a lot of people around her or does she like to be with a small group of friends? This is important to consider when making the guest list. You can always enlist the help of her friends or partner, they know for sure who she is at her baby shower.

What kind of activities can you do?

Does the mother-to-be still have enough energy to play games? Or is she more ready to relaxe? Then you can choose to organise a tea party for the baby shower. With all kinds of tasty snacks and of course the favourite of the mother-to-be. If
she still has enough energy, you can choose to plan an activity. For example, making mocktails during a fun workshop. Mocktails are alcohol-free cocktails.

The location

This is obviously important for organising this event. If you choose to keep it on the beach at a beach club, for example, this is very nice if you combine it with neutral colours and the main colour pink or blue. You can also celebrate in a quieter place, for example at a restaurant.

The baby shower decorations are of course also extremely important. We can make the baby shower so beautiful that no one will ever forget. With the use of beautiful decoration and dry or fresh flowers.

Baby shower in marbella

Are you planning a baby shower soon and do you want to dress it up perfectly? Please, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love, the Lemonface Deco team