Your birthday is for most of the people, the day you look forward to the whole year. This day should be special right? You can make that day memorable with a pastel themed birthday party. For example, a pastel themed birthday party is often decorated with a lot of balloons, flowers and pampas. Pastel colours can be used for multiple ages and occasions. It suits really well with parties for younger kids.

Pastel themed birthday party

What kind of decorations will fit in a pastel themed birthday party?

There are loads of options for decorations that we can create. We can create floral arrangements, balloons, use neon signs etc. We have a new neon sign available for rent that says ‘Happy Birthday’ in pink. The nice thing about balloons is that you can pick any colour you want. So for a pastel themed birthday party, you will obviously choose pastel colours.

You can hang them up in groups of three, or you can make a balloon garland. A balloon garland can have all the balloons in the same size, or they can be in different sizes too.

Pastel themed birthday party

A pastel themed birthday party goes really well with pampas grass, which makes the party a little bit more bohemian style. This combines really well. As you might have seen on our Instagram or Pinterest, Lemonface Deco is known for bohemian party decorations in the Costa del Sol. We love everything boho. Get in touch with us if you would like a quotation to decorate your party in Marbella and surroundings A lot of flowers go well with pastel colours. For example, different roses in different light colours such as blush pink, dusty orange and beige. Also dried flowers will fit in really well. Most dried flowers are in a natural light brown colour, but there are some dried flowers in pastel colours aswell.

Flowers will make the birthday party stand out more and they will give the birthday party a ‘wow effect’. Our famous arches are often used for the wedding ceremonies, but they can also be used at parties.
Especially an arch with pampas can be used in a pastel themed birthday party. It will give a spectacular look to the party and looks really good on the birthday pictures.