Your wedding will probably be one of your most amazing days you will have in your life. It’s the day that you and your soul-mate are in the spotlight surrounded with the people you love the most. You will express the love between you two, and celebrate it for life. You want to create an amazing spot around you so everything will be perfect. Why don’t you choose
bright flowers? These will stand out and for sure they will not blend in with the surroundings of the venue.

Bright flowers are so pretty and can bring a lovely vibe. Depending on which style your doing your wedding of course, but mostly bright flowers will suit most of the styles. Because of the brightness off the flowers you can easily combine them with some greenery. This way you will make the look of the flowers a bit softer. Also if you add some white flowers it will
give the same effect as the greenery does.

pink wedding bouquet

Because your wedding is one of the most special days it needs to stand out, just like the bright flowers will do. Even if you add some beautiful dried flowers it will look amazing. The natural colours most of the dried flowers will have, will make it absolutely stunning. Even this will make the bright flowers a bit softer. You have some colourful dried flowers aswell.
These fit in very easily too. What about some pastel dried flowers. It is still colourful but not a that bright. Of course you don’t want the bright flowers to take away the spotlight.

As you can see you can do a lot with bright flowers. You’ll probably have a beautiful white dress, so the bright flowers will look amazing with your dress. It really gives a contrast that you will like for sure. There are so many different bright flowers. Even if there aren’t that much bright flowers, you can spray paint some flowers in the colour you want it to be. There is some special flower spray paint that will not damage the flower. The option you will have is big.

wedding table

The decoration around the bright flowers can also be different. As I mentioned before you can use some greenery, white flowers, dried flowers but even some other materials than flowers. Take a look at centrepieces, you have so many different type of centrepieces. You have low and tall centrepieces, in jars or vases, or all (dried) flowers. Most of the venues set
up the tables all white, so the bright flowers will also stand out on the table and will be attractive for people to look at the centrepieces.

As you could’ve read, there are many points that stand out to have a bright wedding. You can use bright flowers, dried flowers, fabric and other bright decorations like vases, baskets, table numbers and some pretty bright tiles.