White, whiter, whitest! In this blog we show you how stylish a white wedding with a white theme can be. White may sound boring, but it isn’t. With white you have endless possibilities after all, there are many shades of colors of white. In this blog we tell you everything about the theme of white during your wedding. Think of the bridal bouquet to the decoration of the tables.
To make the white theme more contemporary, you can use pampas, dried flowers and a touch of gold. This will instantly make your wedding elegant and renewed.

You can of course choose to use an accent color, but make sure that the main color remains white. To keep your perfect white wedding.

1. The bridal bouquet

For starters, the bridal bouquet. Which flowers do you choose for a perfect white wedding? That’s a very good question. First, you can choose a classic or modern bouquet. What do these two bouquets mean? A classic traditional bouquet is a round-shaped bouquet, which mainly uses classic and traditional flowers such as white roses. A modern/wild bouquet is a bouquet that mainly focuses on the front of the bouquet. You can still use the classic white roses, but in combination with other types of flowers such as orchids or pampas and dried flowers. This way you have a white wedding but with a modern / contemporary look. But for both bouquet types you can use of course all kinds of flowers that you want, but these are just examples.

2. Bridesmaids bouquet

If you have bridesmaids for your wedding, they will of course also need a bouquet. For a bridesmaid bouquet at a white wedding, you can choose to have a small version of your own bridal bouquet. You can of course also choose a different type
of bouquet. But make sure it fits in the theme.

3. Buttonholes

The groom and his groomsmen often have a buttonhole on their suits. It is nice to have these made in the same style as the bridal bouquet / bridesmaid bouquet. This ensures that everything fits together. For example, choose a small
white rose mixed with pampas.

4. The arch

Now on to the arch. The arch is, of course, one of the most important items at the wedding. To bring out the white wedding theme you can use different white flowers like baby’s breath, white roses but also green elements like eucalyptus to
keep the balance.

5. Decoration for the table

To maintain a perfect white wedding look for your table decor, you can go for tall or low centerpieces, but also a table garland. We use the same variety of flowers as in the ceremony floral arrangements and the bridal bouquet to match the rest
of the decorations.

It is also often nice to add extra flowers and candles in front of the top table, so that everyone sees that it is the top table and that it stands out. You can use table numbers on the different tables, so that the guests can easily find their place. A seating plan is also very important here, it contains all the names of the guests with the corresponding places. You can choose to do this on a grand scale, so also with flowers as decoration. The table numbers are often transparent plates with numbers or text on them, you can do this in a nice font.

So if you want to have the perfect white wedding in Marbella and do it differently than others, trust us to help you with this. And we’ll make sure it’s a day to remember.

With so much love and blessings from the Lemonface Deco Team