The scenery is gorgeous, the people here are so friendly, and the weather is perfect for al fresco events. The weather is warm but not hot, and you can feel a cool refreshing breeze that just feels perfect. The days are excellent for outdoor dinner parties, and the nights are fantastic for dancing beneath the stars. Yep, summers in Marbella are amazing, and that’s why we at Lemonface Deco love decorating for outdoor events.

Summers and party decorations in Marbella are simply the best

You might be thinking that it’s weird to hire florists for an outdoor event. After all, aren’t there so many plants and flowers outside already? And that’s exactly right!

There is so much beauty outside, and the point of an outdoor event is to enjoy nature. But when you have things that feel out of place. Think about signs, tables, arch structures and other decorations, it can take away the immersion of being outside. A few floral arrangements in just the right places is sometimes all it takes to complete the atmosphere of an outdoor party. To make those decorations feel like they belong outdoors.

As I said, we absolutely love to decorate outdoor events, which is why last summer was a blast for us. We got the chance to decorate every single party that they hosted at Boho Club Hotel and for the whole summer

Boho club arch Marbella Party Decoration

Boho-style decorations

And as those of you who follow us know, boho-style decorations are one of our specialties. We love to capture that relaxed, free-spirited feeling that has a worldtraveler influence. It’s a wonderful style for making travelers coming to stay at a beautiful hotel feel welcomed and cozy, that’s why the Boho Club Hotel uses it in their hotel. And it made this a perfect place for us to come in and add our own charm to the place. To prepare for most of the events, we would hear about what the occasion for the party was, and pick out floral arrangements that help encourage the feel of that event. We want the decorations to stand out without distracting from the rest of the hotel and restaurant decorations. Once we got everything together, we’d
gather up our Marbella party decorations and head on off to the Boho Club Hotel.

Even the drive there was gorgeous, the scenic ocean views and the lush greenery made it always a treat to come up to decorate. But then the real fun started when we got there.

Bohemian arch Marbella Party Decoration

The club has an open yard where most of the events took place, and it is magnificent. We go crazy about details, and open spaces gives off an atmosphere that we love to work with. Our team would usually go around to tables and add centerpieces made of dried and fresh floral arrangements that went with the hotel and the party theme.

We also brought our famous tall vases that we would place in front of the welcome signs. We’d add some plants that matched the sign’s rustic feel so you wouldn’t notice the plants there, it’s all just one blended design element. A few more touches around the place where it feels like space is too empty, and the courtyard would feel eventful and still keep that outdoor vibe to it.

Our work decorating parties un Marbella

The team here at Lemonface Deco absolutely love to add our floral and special touches to parties or events. And if you have an upcoming event, indoors or out, and want to add some floral arrangements to give it some color and style, then
please feel free to reach out to us.

We love what we do, and that’s how you know you’re getting the best quality service. Just give us a call, and leave it to us to make your event look amazing!

Dj booth Marbella Party Decoration